Who We Are

  Angie Arnold and Tracey Arnold
Two sisters, a love of writing, a dream of a more balanced life: Meet Garnish Writers. Since 2001, we’ve been the "go-to girls" for clients with a wide range of writing projects, including websites, speeches, marketing materials, white papers and lifestyle articles. Writers by profession, we found ourselves accepting jobs on the side—a little "garnish" to our wages, so to speak.

Until recently, our clients found us through word of mouth. People appreciated our passion, our professionalism, our productivity and our personalities. That (together with a tremendous talent for alliteration) got the phone ringing. Enjoying the variety, challenge and satisfaction that our "garnish" projects added to our professional lives, we squeezed more and more of it onto our plates.

These days, Garnish has a capital G. Though no longer a little something extra on the side, the name still fits. We enhance, trim and beautify, working language so that it resonates with audiences.